Dawn Rose is a northern California singer-songwriter with two all original CD’s - “Step by Step” and “These Days.” A blend of soft rock, folk, and blues with a touch of jazz might begin to describe her writing style. She showcases her songwriting with live shows (solo to full band,) a Dawn Rose Pandora station, permanent song placement on Songvault.fm and is a member of the West Coast Songwriters Association.

She has lived in the Napa Valley since 1992, where she performs at wineries and events with the female trio “Sweet Burgundy.” Together since 2004, Dawn, Kathleen Potthoff and Lynda Amen Castell-Blanch perform 30-40 shows each season. They have recorded three CD’s, most recently “Tattooed Melodies” released in June of 2014.

Dawn (using her maiden name Dawn Arndt) played through the 1980’s in restaurants, bars and private events on the San Francisco peninsula. She played solo, in the duo “August,” country-rock with “The Swindlers,” rock ‘n roll with “Dawn & the Debs,” and sang back-ups for the Congolese rock band “Bole Bantu.” Men cried in their beers, fans came dressed in costume, flyers were torn down as souvenirs....

Besides performing Dawn teaches guitar, has taught music, recorder and ukulele for the local elementary school, has written and directed school holiday programs, and played guitar in the pit band for St. Helena High’s “Little Shop of Horrors.” She is currently writing the theme song for a reality TV show.


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